Finding Mr Goldman: A Parable by David Rhodes

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Finding Mr Goldman: A Parable by David Rhodes

Post by Dynielle on Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:00 am

We meet Harry Goldman on the last day of his mortal life. A man of great wealth and power but little compassion, his life comes to a sudden end and we join him as he journeys through the unfamiliar afterlife. Accompanied by a likable tramp, Goldman finds himself face to face with the harsh truth of his life choices and the consequences on those around him.

Mr Goldman is obviously a hard hearted business man who cares more about money than people, yet I couldn’t help feeling that this character was almost too over the top in the way he was portrayed like a typical cartoon “baddy”. Without any depth to him I found it difficult to care about him or his journey.
The afterlife created by David Rhodes was completely original, allowing Goldman to travel through a journey of self discovery and forgiveness. However the story was mostly predictable and therefore didn’t hold my attention. After a while the journey he was on became long because you knew exactly how it was going to turn out and you just wanted him to get there already.

Sheppard, his companion who bears a resemblance to Jesus, helps to figuratively carry Goldman through each encounter right to the end and you are reminded of the way Jesus carries and bears us up throughout our lives and the various difficulties we endure.
Despite its faults the message of the book is clear and you can’t help but compare the patience Sheppard has for Goldman to the patience and love that God has for His children and that no matter what we have done we are His and we are forgiven.

I would recommend this book to someone struggling to understand that grace available to them who feels like what they have done has pushed them too far from Gods love. This book shouts loudly that Jesus is there for us every step of the way no matter what.

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