The Points System & Member Rankings

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The Points System & Member Rankings

Post by Aslan_HQ on Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:36 pm

To make forum life a bit more fun, we've set up 2 new apps that are now integrated into the member info you see under your avatars!

Points system:
Members can now gain points every time they post!
Making a new post on a pre-existing topic will give you 1 point.
Creating a new topic in the main books, Bibles, Music and Youth sections will give you 3 points.
Creating a new topic in the more general sections of the forum ('Aslan News & Updates', 'Forum Info & Notes', 'Events & Competitions', 'Newbie Introductions', 'Author Interviews', 'Christianity Online', and 'Everything Else') will give you 1 point.

Member rankings:
As well as the new points system, the number of posts on your account also adds you to the forum rankings!
The more posts you make, the more levels you move up!
(We may add a few more ranking levels as we go, but for now there are 8 levels):

Each level has it's own little icon image which you'll discover as you move up each level!

Happy posting!

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