On the Loose (Katie Parker Production Book 2) Jenny B. Jones

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On the Loose (Katie Parker Production Book 2) Jenny B. Jones

Post by Carys-Wild02 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:16 pm

On the Loose is about a teenage girl, called Katie, who has recently given her life to christ (book 1) and has finally starting to adjust when a tornado rips through her hometown and her heart. Her foster mum has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is wandering through her life and doubting that God exists.But to cheer her up she has her quirky foster Grandmother.

I love this book because it's NOT cheesy and doesn't quote the bible in every sentence (not that I don't like reading the Bible) but it's life with the really good days where God seems to be walking right next to you and protecting to those bad days where you just sulk in your room never wanting to leave because you think God isn't there.

I also love it because it has romance but subtle the kind where at 15 you want to date but all it consists of is hand holding and hugging also some kissing. ❤️ The last reason is that it's soo funny with her grandmother and puts a lighter side to the sad story line.Very Happy

In 1 word it would be HEARTWARMING


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Re: On the Loose (Katie Parker Production Book 2) Jenny B. Jones

Post by Aslan_HQ on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:15 am

What a great review, Carys Smile
I love the idea of ending reviews with trying to describe the book in 1 word too.

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