A Saturday Evening.

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A Saturday Evening.

Post by Amys Auntie on Sat May 09, 2015 6:29 pm

Hi Everyone, hope your weekend is going well.

I'm all scrubbed up now to go out for the evening. I've a ticket with some friends to see Clare Teal in the cozy surroundings of Pizza Express in Maidstone. Hubby isn't into that sort of music (swing, big band, jazz) but some friends of ours are so we're going with Hub's blessing.

I've been doing a little research on Esther this week in preparation for my house group bible study next week.  It's on Esther chapter 4 and how she conducted herself in a difficult situation that wasn't of her own choosing. It will be interesting to discover the study questions  to see if they and our general answers match up with my thinking.  

It has however stopped me from reading a bit more of the book I am in the middle of about a very young Anne Boleyn and her situation. The story is historically factual but here is another young girl who has to conduct herself according to the unwritten protocols of the King's court.

I am seeing some similarities in these two characters and it makes me wonder how I/we would conduct ourselves in similar circumstances. I know I wouldn't be too happy but 21st century western culture does influence us in many ways and 16th century culture and ancient middle eastern culture 500 or so years BC would be totally different especially with how women where thought of and treated.

PS: My music taste is very eclectic & I don't stick to one genre which is very similar to my taste in reading material.
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