Lent 2017 Bestsellers!

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Lent 2017 Bestsellers!

Post by Aslan_HQ on Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:45 pm

There's now just 2 weeks to go until the beginning of Lent.
Lent is a great opportunity not only to fast the things that take our focus away from God, but also to explore different facets of His character, or study a section of the Bible in a new and deeper way.
If you're not sure what to read this Lent, we've put our full selection online for you to explore this year's new releases as well as tried and tested bestselling Lenten studies to help guide you through a journey of prayer and spiritual growth over the Lent season.
And what's more, we've drop all the prices! With extra discounts for those buying extra copies for study groups.

To view our full collection of Lent titles, as well as Easter books for children, click HERE!

Here's our 'Top 10' bestsellers list for Lent 2017:

1 ) Dethroning Mammon - Archbishop Justin Welby
An insightful exploration of money and materialism. Welby reflects on the power of money and the attitudes that surround it. Who will be on the throne of our lives? Who will direct our actions? Is it Jesus, who brings truth, hope and freedom? Or is Mammon (money) leading us into paths that tangle and deceive? .
ASLAN PRICE: £6.95 (RRP 9.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

2 ) The Things He Did – Stephen Cottrell
The build up to Jesus' death on the cross was an extraordinary week. The things Jesus did were carefully planned, each with political and religious significance as he moved towards his greatest and final act....
ASLAN PRICE: £7.99 (RRP £9.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

3 )  At The Cross (Cover-to-Cover) – Abby Guinness
Consider the experiences of six Bible characters who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. Their stories and responses can help us find a fresh perspective. Discover a creative approach to exploring the Bible, with textual and historical insights alongside group discussion topics and personal application.
ASLAN PRICE: £4.49 (RRP £4.99)
An extra 25p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

4 )  Let Me Go There – Paula Gooder
40 short sections for daily reading reflecting on the themes of: wilderness; journey; fasting; taking up your cross; discipleship; prayer; and temptation. Includes an introduction to Lent's characteristic themes and how to use the season as a time for spiritual growth.
ASLAN PRICE: £7.25 (RRP 9.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

5 )  Live Lent (with Christian Aid)
For each day of Lent, Christian Aid invites you on a journey of discipleship, bringing Scripture to life in today's world and offering small practical actions to build God's Kingdom where you are. This is a pocket-sized pamphlet book you can take with you wherever you go.
ASLAN PRICE: £2.75 (RRP 2.99)
An extra 25p off per copy when you buy 10-49. Or 50p off per copy when you buy 50+ copies.

6 ) Glimpses of Glory – David Bryant
Facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, David writes powerfully about his life and moments when he encountered God in unlikely places: a prison; at the bedside of a dying child; in imagination; and in Bible passages that have been startlingly brought to life in his own experiences.
ASLAN PRICE: £7.50 (RRP 9.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

7 ) Love Life, Live Lent - For Kids / For Adults & Youth
A small pocket-sized pamphlet book offering daily inspiration and readings to help you change the world, one small step at a time. Two editions available offering age-appropriate faith based readings and activities.
ASLAN PRICE: £1.49 & £2.75 (RRP 1.50 & 2.99)
An extra 10% off when you buy 10 or more

8 ) The Living Cross – Amy Boucher Pye
Explore the life-changing act of forgiveness, with daily reflections and prayers across Lent helping you to experience the living power of the cross through stories of forgiveness. Deepen your response to God's love this Lent.
ASLAN PRICE: £6.99 (RRP 8.99)
An extra 50p off when you buy 10 or more

9 )   Reflections for Lent 2017
Six weeks of notes taken from the annual edition of 'Reflections for Daily Prayer 2016-17'[/url]. It's ideal for individuals or groups seeking to explore the treasures of the Lectionary. Also includes a simple form of daily prayer.
ASLAN PRICE: £3.99 (RRP 4.99)
An extra 25p off per copy when you buy 10 or more
2014 & 2015 editions also available, limited stock.

10 ) All Shall be Well: Readings for Lent and Easter -
A treasury of inspired readings from cherished writers to enrich you every day of the Lenten season through Easter Week-and beyond. The authors include: Pope Francis, Thomas Merton, Jean Vanier and Phyllis Tickle.  A wonderful book for daily inspiration.
ASLAN PRICE: £5.49 (RRP £10.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

Bestsellers from 2016:

1 ) Life in the Psalms: Contemporary Meaning in Ancient Texts The Mowbray 2016 Lent Book – Patrick Woodhouse
The Psalms lie at the heart of worship, but today much of their depth is lost. The Psalms illuminate contemporary issues from climate change to celebrity culture; our response to asylum seekers to mental health issues. Discover, in the midst of the realities of a secular world, a deeper awareness of the mystery of God.
ASLAN PRICE: £9.99 (RRP 12.99)
An extra £1 off per copy when you buy 10 or more

2 )  The Mystery of Everything – Hilary Brand
Based on the Oscar-winning film ‘The Theory of Everything’, this course deals with struggles of reason vs. Faith; the romantic vs. the pragmatic; success and failure; the complications of relationships under pressure; and seeking understanding versus living with mystery.
ASLAN PRICE: £5.49 (RRP £5.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

3 )  Dust and Glory – David Runcorn
Suitable for thoughtful and curious travellers, with a daily Bible verse or short passage leading into reflection on some aspect of human life and faith, this book offers an approach which is exploratory rather than prescriptive, provoking questions rather than offering answers.
ASLAN PRICE: £5.00 (RRP £7.99)
An extra 50p off per copy when you buy 10 or more

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