'Massive Power, Massive Love' - Karl Ayling

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'Massive Power, Massive Love' - Karl Ayling

Post by Aslan_HQ on Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:53 am

Massive Power, Massive Love - Karl Ayling

Massive Power, Massive Love is an autobiographical collection of no holds barred Psalmic poems charting the journey from abuse survivor to salvation. Non-rhyming verses mingle with shocking, heart-breaking reality in a way that will challenge and encourage. We spoke with Karl about his unique book, and his journey of recovery from abuse and addiction to freedom and joy in Jesus.

Here's our Q&A with Karl...

A lot of books on emotional healing focus on the Psalms. What led you to write your own rather than drawing from the Psalms of the Bible?

The Psalms were a big help in the healing transition from PTSD. The counselling journal that I kept formed the basis of my Psalmic poetry with each poem relating to a breakthrough or specific healing. This was emotionally raw to go through and just like Forest Gump as he went running for ages in the rain, the writing went on in a creative whirlwind, culminating in this book.

What were the most challenging and the most encouraging psalms to write?

I wrote Broken Hearted to endeavour to share the horror of a mother as a paedophile – it was a challenge not to fall into cliché and also not to be explicit in the use of language. The Soaring Beauty was written as I was starting to believe in a new beginning and a different perspective and it felt like an encouraging poem to write too.

You refer to God throughout as ‘Abba’ or ‘Daddy’, what were the key moments in the journey to that point in your relationship with Him?

My earthly father was brutal, violent and a sexual abuser. It has taken me years to build up the courage and the stamina to call out ‘Abba’ ‘Daddy’ and not shudder at the horrors of early childhood. Key moments of profound inner healing occurred over the period from around 2009 – 2013 which enabled this love of God to emerge and thence the love of myself and of others.

With the rise of campaigns like the ‘22 Push Up Challenge’ and ‘It’s Ok To Talk’ focusing on men engaging with their emotional needs,  what advice would you give readers still struggling with discussing their mental health?

Patience that healing is a lifelong journey. For me it started with believing in healing, then walking out that healing. First my eyes were healed from going blind, then more physical healing lead to accepting inner healing as a possibility.

This isn’t your standard ‘light and fluffy’ Christian book. Since it’s release last year, what are the main things you’ve learnt from promoting the raw and counter-culturally honest parts of your journey? Has the feedback surprised you?

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response, especially on social media and from radio and print media giving this story of mine some attention In interviews. The neuroscience of how the brain works, stores and retains memories and the journey of inner healing has taught me to revise my thought processes and even start an access course for qualifications in counselling. My next book will contain more technical though no less Godly emphases on how my story and my relationship to it in language has evolved over the last few years.

There’s been a remarkable rise in the public discussion of issues and ‘soul injuries’ raised in your book. But discussion is only part of the solution. Based on your experiences (both personal and in ministry) can churches and individuals be doing more to help?

Totally. I believe that every church in the country should be open to have access to prayer, to ministry and counselling assistance. For individuals struggling to come to terms with CSA issues I would start by doing some private research online or contact people like me through phone helplines.

If readers took one thing away from this collection, what would you like it to be?

Jesus Heals and He does it through a wide variety of expected and unexpected ways.

You can order Massive Power, Massive Love for just £6.99 (RRP £7.99)

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