'When St Francis saved the church' by Jon Sweeney

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'When St Francis saved the church' by Jon Sweeney

Post by ILoveLions on Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:43 am

When St Francis saved the Church is a fascinating introduction to the transient life of one of the most popular and approachable Saints in Christian history. Jon Sweeney describes a romantic 'Don Quixote' type of character. A troubadour, a poet, a traveller. A soul that almost belongs in the current century with the humanitarian and nature centred concept of the Franciscan life. Saint Francis celebrated beauty, song, play and love as a way to communicate his beliefs.

Saint Francis was almost student-like in his denouncing of family wealth and his cosmopolitan approach to people and culture. He was educated, religious and revolutionary. How rare for a person to denounce their wealth and celebrate poverty, especially during a medieval lifestyle, with no modern convenience. He lived his life, 'on the road', faithful to the principles of The Gospels and simultaneously accepted other cultures.

Sweeney accentuates the six areas in which he believed Saint Francis revolutionised Christianity and the practise of sharing and communicating his religious ideals. He composes an image of a modern performing artist, a charming medieval musician, singing, dancing, laughing and challenging. He reached out to people to believe in Christianity and introduced the love of his faith.

Jon Sweeney
introduces an intriguing character, in a modern style of writing.

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