The Battle For Christianity - BBC iPlayer

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The Battle For Christianity - BBC iPlayer

Post by LittleBlueCar on Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:27 am

Did anyone watch the program 'The Battle For Christianity' on BBC?
Found it on iPlayer last night so gave it a watch.
It should still be online for another week:
It was an interesting program, but for a program with such potential, as a Christian I found it kind of depressing in places - which leaders of churches saying that Christianity was dying out, or that they didn't have the 'passion' to go onto the streets and bring the Good News, so never had.
Even the section on more 'lively' churches played down the impact those services had as just something targetted to today's youth/culture rather than being an exciting and growing area of Christian life.

I don't know.
Would be interesting to hear what other folks thought!
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