April Picks!

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April Picks!

Post by Aslan_HQ on Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:25 pm

Our Top Picks For April:

With each month of our '12 Book Challenge' we thought we'd round up some great titles released these past few weeks as well as some of the team's favourites as our recommendations for that month's reads, or to inspire your pick for next month!
Don't know what the '12 Book Challenge' is? Click HERE for more info and to find out how to get started!


Direct Hit – Mike Hollow
The Blitz Detective – Book 1
On the first night of the Blitz, a body is discovered in a van in the back streets of West Ham. Detective Inspector John Jago recognizes the dead man as local Justice of the Peace, Charles Villiers. But a German bomb obliterates all evidence. Villiers was not a popular man, both powerful and feared, with secrets reaching back to World War I. A lot of people wished him dead – and an air raid is a good time to conceal a murder....
Fifth Column, Book 2 in the series, has just published!

The Benefits of Passion  - Catherine Fox
Annie Brown, wrestling with doubts about her faith and a biological clock the size of Big Ben, takes a tangent from ordinand life and the stifled yelps of her sexuality by writing a raunchy novel. Yet Annie can no more control her characters than she could a congregation...

Realm of Darkness – C.F. Dunn
Book 4 of the bestselling The Secret Of The Journal series.
Historian Emma D'Eresby has done everything she can to put the past behind her. Now she has every reason to look forward the future. But, in making peace with her past, she has to face uncomfortable truths in the present. As a shadow from her undergraduate days in Cambridge threatens her happiness, history catches up with terrifying results..

The Photograph – Beverly Lewis
He studied the picture more closely, finding it curious that the young woman looked so boldly into the camera while wearing the characteristic head covering of the local Amish Order. Why would a devout girl have her picture taken?... A death; a disappearance and a forbidden photograph all play a part in Lewis’s latest novel.

Life & Practice:

All Questions Great & Small – Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas
When these two writers brought their thoughts about God, life and the universe to the stage for their tour, they soon realised other people’s questions were as interesting as their own – if not more so. Eventually they decided to have a go at some answers. They may not have got it right, but they found fun and intrigue along the way. If you often find humour in God’s mysterious ways, this is the book for you!

Two Dogs and a Parrot – Joan Chittister
A collection of heart-warming stories and thought-provoking reflections that explore the depth of our character, love, creation, and the way relationships are formed - through the way in which we interact with animals and pets.

The Passion and the Cross – Ronald Rolheiser
Reflections on the central mystery of the Christian faith, from one of the most trusted spiritual writers of our day. His beautifully written meditations on the passion and the cross invites you to a new understanding of redemption and offers insight into the meaning of your own journey.


Encountering The Risen Christ – Mark Bradford
How can we encounter the risen Lord Jesus in a life transforming way? How can we be equipped and strengthened to share the message of the resurrection with the world?  In the Gospels and the book of Acts, we find many of the New Testament's most profound and personal encounters. Although marketed as an Easter book, we’d recommend this one all year round!

Christ: The First 2000 Years – Martyn Whittock
How has Christ been seen for the last two millennia? From the Christ of the Gospels and the reformation, to Islam and the age of technology, this enlightening book explores the way Jesus Christ has been viewed, described, promoted, and opposed.

Born Bad – James Boyce
According to the doctrine of original sin, humans are born bad and only God's grace can bring salvation. Set to be a great success, in this book acclaimed historian James Boyce shows how these ideas around original sin have shaped the Western view of human nature, contributing to feelings of guilt and inadequacy in popular culture.

True Stories & Biography:

The Shed That Fed A Million Children – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
The newly published paperback of the bestselling story of how a series of miraculous circumstances and an overwhelming display of love led to the creation of Mary’s Meals: an organisation that could hold the key to eradicating child hunger altogether. This heart-warming yet powerful testimony has never been more relevant.

I Am N – Voice of the Martyrs
We are “N”—as radical Muslims in Iraq identify followers of Jesus the Nazarene. Wherever we live, we are linked with those who are persecuted. These testimonies from those standing for their faith in the darkest of times will deepen your faith in a God who gives us the courage to shine in a hurting world.

Renewing Broken Lives - Irene Howat and May Nicholson
The remarkable stories in this short book will inspire you with the way so many peoples’ lives have been turned around by God, including May Nicholson’s - a former drunk and drug addict who established Preshal, a Christian trust based in one of the most needy areas of Glasgow.

That's it for our April Picks. (Sorry for missing March!)
We'll be posting a new list each month, so keep an eye on this topic for more picks!
Still not sure what you want to read for your next book in the 12 Book Challenge? Why not have a look through the reviews on this forum, or visit www.aslanchristianbooks.com to find over 50,000 titles to choose from!

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