Evidence For Truth Series - SPECIAL OFFER!

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Evidence For Truth Series - SPECIAL OFFER!

Post by Aslan_HQ on Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:43 am

Evidence For Truth Series - SPECIAL OFFER!!! Now £1.50 each!

Offer expires 31st March 2016

The Evidence for Truth series takes a fascinating and eye-opening journey through the various discoveries, documented testimonies and fulfilled prophecies that back up the various events and claims of the Bible.

Volume 1 - Science - looks at how, in many varying disciplines, the Bible is being proved accurate.
Volume 2 - Archaeology - how archaeological findings support the historical records in the Bible.
Volume 3 - Prophecy - explores prophetic declarations throughout the Bible that came into fruition.
Volume 4 - Miracles & Angels - takes a look at the portrayal of angels and the miraculous.
Volume 5 - Origin & Destiny of Life - explores creation as a whole, and our purposes on this earth.

Find out more here:

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