February Picks!

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February Picks!

Post by Aslan_HQ on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:25 pm

Our Top Picks For February:

With each month of our '12 Book Challenge' we thought we'd round up some great titles released these past few weeks as well as some of the team's favourites as our recommendations for that month's reads, or to inspire your pick for next month!
Don't know what the '12 Book Challenge' is? Click HERE for more info and to find out how to get started!


Well of the North Wind – Kenneth Steven
Fian has been adopted by a community of Irish monks and the young boy's drawings in the sand soon take him to the Isle of Iona to work on the Book of Kells - that great treasure of the Celts - in the last days of Columba...

The Breath of Peace & The Beautiful Thread[/url – Penelop Wilcock
The Breath of Peace and The Beautiful Thread are books 7 and 8 in the bestselling The Hawk and The Dove Series, a fiction series series set in the 14th Century and centred around the fictional Benedictine monastery of St Alcuin's, in Yorkshire. The series covers a variety of topics and genres; from murder mystery and thriller, to romance and comedy, all tied into one collection of books.

Life Lines – Deborah Duncan
A novel written in the form of insightful, honest and often hilarious conversations between two friends, as they reflect on church, people, love, food, and just about everything as support one another in the highs and lows of their contrasting lives.

The End of Law – Therese Down
Berlin, 1933: as Hitler rises to power, the law - designed to protect and serve - becomes twisted. Two SS officers join the ranks, but soon the fate of their families is at stake, and each must confront the choices they have made. This is a compelling story of human tragedy, and man’s potential to revel in darkness or fight against evil.

Life & Practice:

Accidental Saints - Nadia Bolz-Weber
A former stand-up comic and unlikely cleric talks of ‘stumbling into holy moments’: unexpected glimpses of God’s multi-faceted grace. This book demonstrates what happens when ordinary and not-so-ordinary people meet to share, struggle, tell the truth about life.

How To Be Here – Rob Bell
How can I slow down and enjoy life more? 'New York Times' bestselling (and occasionally controversial) author Rob Bell shows us how to discover the greatness we were born for, successfully pursue our dreams, find our path, and live confident, fulfilled lives.

Power Words - Joyce Meyer
Developing the habit of speaking God's Word will unlock the power to transformation your life. In this compact book, Joyce draws from personal experience and Scripture to illustrate how prayer and positive words can overcome every challenge. Joyce teaches readers how to to stop talking idly about their problems and use God's Word to defeat them.

Our Last Awakening – Janet Morley
Ranging from joyful to gentle, ironic to despairing, this collection of poems and commentaries helps look at death and articulate our hope about what lies beyond. Through the work of great poets, Morely creates an opportunity to experience all the emotions of what it means to live, to love and to be loved.

General Interest:

Dreaming The Bear – Mimi Thebo
A girl alone. A wounded bear. A bond to last forever... Brand new from young adult fiction author Mimi Thebo comes a poetic tale of compassion, friendship, and how the seemingly impossible can become the achievable.

Return To Love – Marianne Williamson
People are taught to be separate from one another and to compete to get ahead, that they are not good enough the way they are. This work provides a spiritual travel guide back to the truth people were born with and and shows how to accept back into their hearts the love that has been denied.

Tweetable Pope - Michael O'Loughlin
Pope Francis embarked on a mission to “rebrand” the Church so that it better reflected Jesus Christ. His most surprising strategy is his use of Twitter. With more than 21 million Twitter followers, across 9 languages, Francis posts regular 140-character (or less) sermons inspiring people across the world.


An Introduction to the Old Testament – John Goldingay
An introduction to the Old Testament that not only covers all the key components of most OT courses but also helps students to think for themselves about key issues of interpretation.

Mere Apologetics – Alister McGrath
Discussing the biblical basis and historical uses of apologetics, McGrath offers various approaches to sharing your faith with others. He outlines pointers to talking about faith, justice, creation, and more, and how there are many ways to share your faith; through explanations, arguments, stories, and images, this book helps you find which works best for you.

True Stories & Biography:

Under Their Very Eyes – Deborah Meroff
The Islamic world is widely regarded as closed to the Gospel, but there Tom Hamblin discovered an extensive network of believers - very few churches, but a hunger for the Truth. This is the remarkable biography of an ordinary man from Reading, England; a life changed by faith; and how the call of God lead him to smuggle 1000s of Bibles to the Arab world against all odds.

Grace – Michele Guinness
The remarkable story of the young wife of Henry Grattan Guinness, one of the Victorian period's great evangelists - a life that sheds light on the interplay of faith, politics and family life through the historic times of the early twentieth century.
Read our interview with the author here: www.aslanchristianbooks.co.uk/discovering-grace

The Thomas the Tank Engine Man - Brian Sibley
The Reverend W Awdry was a devoted pastor and family man, who adored trains. He started to tell stories about Thomas and the other engines, in order to entertain his son Christopher. Those stories have gone on to entertain generations of children around the world.

That's it for our February Picks.
We'll be posting a new list each month, so keep an eye on this topic for more picks!
Still not sure what you want to read for your next book in the 12 Book Challenge? Why not have a look through the reviews on this forum, or visit www.aslanchristianbooks.com to find over 50,000 titles to choose from!

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