January Picks

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January Picks

Post by Aslan_HQ on Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:02 am

Our Top Picks For January:

As we start our '12 Book Challenge' for 2016 we thought we'd round up some great titles released this past autumn as well as some of the team's favourites as our recommendations for January reads, or to inspire your February pick!
Don't know what the '12 Book Challenge' is? Click HERE for more info and to find out how to get started!


The Body Under The Bridge - Paul McCusker
The first in a new murder mystery fiction series following the life of a former Scotland Yard detective who now works as a priest of a small town Anglican church.
If you like Mel Starr, you'll love this!

Eve - Wm. Paul Young
From the author of The Shack. A shipping container washes ashore on an island between our world and the next. Inside is a woman - broken, frozen, and barely alive - and her genetic code connects her to every known human race.

The Prodigal - Brennan Manning
An illustration of the power of grace through the story of a broken man who finally saw Jesus not because he preached his greatest sermon or wrote his most powerful book, but because he failed miserably.

The Abbess of Whitby - Jill Dalladay
For fans of historical fiction, this is a retelling of the story of Hilda of Whitby; a woman born amid warring pagan tribes, but through the influence of Celtic saints and scholars became a dominant figure in the development of the British Church.

Life & Practice:

All Questions Great And Small - Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas
Written off the back of a comedy tour, authors Plass and Lucas take a look at some of life's big questions and their sometimes not so straight forward answers, with a down to earth comedic spin.

Heaven How I Got Here - Colin Smith
Told from the point of view of the thief who died on the cross next to Jesus as he looks back from Heaven on the day that changed his eternity, and the faith that can change yours.

The Mind Connection - Joyce Meyer
An exploration of how your thoughts impact your words, attitude, decisions and emotions, and most of all - your relationship with God. Meyer shares how making small adjustments to how we think can radically change our quality of life.

Wounded By God's People - Anne Graham Lotz
Anne draws on the biblical story of Hagar to show those who have been hurt by God's people how to move past their wounds into the joy and fellowship of His presence, claiming the fullness God has for them.

General Interest:

More TV Vicar? - Bryony Taylor
It's not uncommon for Christians to feel poorly represented by fictional characters on TV. Taylor takes a look at the way media has portrayed the church across the years, both to it's credit and to it's detriment.

Meeting God in Paul - Rowan Williams
Following on from the bestselling Meeting God in Mark Rowan explores the essentials of Paul for complete beginners - as well as for those who've read Paul's letters many times and want to see them in a fresh light.

The Dove, The Fig Leaf and The Sword - Alan Billings
Alan Billings, Anglican priest and former Director of the Centre for Ethics and Religion at Lancaster University, takes a look at the Christian attitude to conflict and war, and the events that have changed it across history.

The Meal Jesus Gave Us - Tom Wright
A short, simple and thoroughly biblical explanation of the meaning and purpose of Holy Communion, looking at its origins, the different ways in which Christians have understood it over the centuries, and its crucial place in the Christian life today regardless of age or denomination.

True Stories & Biography:

The Shed That Fed a Million Children - Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
A humble, heart-warming yet powerful story that's relevant in our society of plenty and privilege. It will open your eyes to the extraordinary impact that one person can make.

One Yellow Door - Rebecca de Saintonge
A ground-breaking book opening up the taboos of the conflicting emotions and ethics of infidelity in marriage where one partner is severely disabled, and simultaneously an exploration of Christian faith and the indestructibility of love.

The Drop Box - Brian Ivie
Brian thought he was going to South Korea to make a documentary about Pastor Lee's love for abandoned babies. What he didn't know was that God was planning to save him in the process.. This is the story behind the incredible documentary film 'The Drop Box' now on DVD.

Gatecrashing: The Story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza - Tracy Heasley
Ibiza is often known for shocking scenes of excess, violence and incapacity. 24-7 Prayer took up God's call to go to the party island and came to be regarded as a 4th emergency service. This is a story that will inspire you to pray and show God's love in your own community.

That's it for our January Picks.
We'll be posting a new list each month, so keep an eye on this topic for more picks!
Still not sure what you want to read for your next book in the 12 Book Challenge? Why not have a look through the reviews on this forum, or visit www.aslanchristianbooks.com to find over 50,000 titles to choose from!

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