The 12 Book Challenge

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The 12 Book Challenge

Post by Aslan_HQ on Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:24 am

The 12 Book Challenge

As we head into 2016 we thought we'd set up a little challenge for the year ahead.
A walk in the park for avid readers, and a great incentive for those who often find it difficult to find time to relax with a book on a regular basis in the busyness of life.

The challenge is simple - read 12 books in 12 months, a book for every month of the year.

We'll post some recommendations each month to bring you some of our bestsellers, and books we're really excited about. But it's also a chance for you to showcase the books you're reading - long or short, in-depth or jovial - and a chance to pick up something a little different to mix it up this year based on recommendations from other members.

Simply start a your own thread/topic titled with your name, e.g. 'Susan's 12 Book Challenge' and posts links to what you're reading or mini-reviews so other members can see what you thought. You can also reply to posts on other people's challenge threads, so if you spot something you've read or are interested in share what you think too!

Happy reading!

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